7 Self-Love Diet Food & Eating Guidelines E-Course

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You’ll Learn How To:

  1. Eat when you are physically hungry.
  2. Stop eating when you are physically satisfied.
  3. Neutralize foods and choose foods that you enjoy.
  4. Mindfully bring gratitude to all the people who grew, packaged, delivered, sold, and perhaps cooked your food for you.
  5. Set the table for your meals; treat yourself like an important guest.
  6. Distinguish between body hunger and emotional hunger.
  7. Learn the symbolic messages of your food cravings when your body is not physically hungry and take non-food action.

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What You’ll Get:

  1. 9 weekly lessons via email with short readings, storytelling, writing prompts, and activities to put into practice what you’re learning
  2. Worksheets to help you build in daily accountability in practicing what you’re learning
  3. Six, short videos each week to encourage you and hold you accountable to practice the exercises each day
  4. An end-of-course review to help solidify what you’ve learned.

Learning to listen to your body sets you up for discerning emotions, intuitions, and learning how your thoughts and physical sensations are interrelated. Your body has the ability to give you information way beyond the physical signals of hunger, but we start here to reconnect you to your body’s wisdom.

This is conscious, body-based eating. If you’re in early recovery from an eating disorder, you may not be ready to practice this. You can bring this to your therapist or registered dietician to make sure that the pacing and timing is right for you to do this work.

Register now for $25


Michelle Minero, MFT and Emelina Minero